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Mongré before

• 1842 August 14. Mademoiselle Marie-Thérèse Bottu de la Barmondières donates the domaine of Mongré to the Jesuite congregation to build a school ;

• 1848 Birth of Mongré in the Chateau Fist 34 students, 52 by the end of the year

• 1848-1853 Construction of the school

• 1851 In October the students move from the château into the still unfinished school.

• 1865 The chapel is finished. The bells are put into place may 25, the first mass is celebrated by Monseigneur de Bonald

• 1866 The student body is now at 487 students.

• 1870-71 The school is occupied by the Légions des mobiles during 3 months (followers of Garibaldi)

• 1880 Several priests forced to leave following the decrees of the French Minister of Education , Jules Ferry who abolishes religious school.

• 1901 Part of the school leaves for Bollengo (Italy)
Mongré continues with its Directors, but no more priests.

• 1911 Rest of the school leaves, and sets up Notre Dame de Bellevue in the Yzeure ( Allier) Mongré is seized by the liquidators of the Jesuits

• 1913 The Villefranche law courts put up for sale by auction the domaine of Mongré. 13 April, the domaine is bought by M Neyron who advances the necessary funds. Creation of a limited company. October return of the Jesuit fathers, and return of the students.

• 1914-1918 Mongré is home to a military hospital where 2437 wounded are treated. 183 Mongreans die on the battlegrounds. The school, diminished , continues End of 1918; 364 students 1919 Return from Bollengo 1922 Students now number 400 1926 Mongré celebrates 75 years 1936 441 students

• 1939 Requisitioning of Mongré. School closes completely. Exodus of the upper school to the Château and of the middle school to the rue National with M Genet and Gauthier.

• 1939-1945 49 Mongreans die gloriously for France on the battlegrounds.

• 1940 The Jesuit fathers renounce momentarily to teach, they install their novitiate in the school. M Jandot continues the school at the chateau with help from the teachers from the rue National. In September M Genet, M jandot and M Gauthier recover the school equipment which had been left in a large pile in the school playground. October. School begins in the Chateau. First mass celebrated in the chapel of the Chateau. The new school is placed under the protection of Saint Joseph.

• 1941-44 The school houses the Noviciate, the Juvenate of the Lyon province, as well as the third year. In the East wing are also installed successively, sailors, a youth camp, Germans and Mongols.

• 1944 Alerts multiply. The classes are often interrupted by the sirens. The students are dispersed towards Gleizé and Ouilly.

•1944-45 The school is occupied by the FFI and then by the second armoured cavalry and a section of the Train Team.

• 1945 Arrival successively of Theologians of the Company of Jesus followed by Philosophers from Paris .

• 1946 Return of the school to a wing of the building under the name of St Joseph’s institute under M Jandot as headmaster. Foundation of the Family school association, with founding president M Mancier followed by M Marduel.

• 1947-48 A commando of German prisoners occupies the annexe. Student body is at 101 students in October.

• 1949 The company of Jesus decides against re-opening the school.

• 1950 The Family school association, with its president M Gormand decides to lease the school and contacts the Assomptionist fathers. The teaching company becomes tenant of the school and its grounds.

• 1950-51 The school is re opened by the School association. St Joseph’s Institute becomes Mongré with as its Headmaster M Jandot, helped by 4 Assumptionnist fathers and several teachers. August-september, the Jesuit fathers leave. The property company ( Société Immobilière redo the kitchen the outbuildings as well as two dormitories. It also repairs the heating system.
1st October school begins with 255 students.

• 1951-52 Arrival of the Assomtionist fathers. The fathers take charge of teaching. Father superior: Father Bernard Bract: M jandot becomes the Academic and Administative Director. No of students: 225

• 1952 Mongré celebrates its centenary with a solemn ceremony under the auspices of his Eminence Cardinal Gerlier.

• 1956 No of students: 300

• 1957 A large section of the grounds, south and west are sold to the town of Villefranche to tnable the building of a sports center and the Lycée Claude Bernard.

• 1960 Contract of Association with the Ministry of Education( Debré law) for the running of the secondary school. Simple contract for the Primary school.
This is the beginning of a rapid development.

• 1962 The final year ( Terminal) become mixed with the arrival of young ladies from the Pensionnat Notre Dame.

• 1964 The Avenue St Exupery is built, dividing the grounds of Mongré from those of the Lycée Claude Bernard in the south. The alley of Horse chestnuts is cut down. In the west the Château is pulled down to make place for the new sports center. Start of the construction of the college stadium on the land situated east of the school under the initiative of M Cherentin and thanks to anonymous donations. The works continue for 3 years.

• 1967 The number of students exceeds 500 for the first time.

• 1968 The mixed classes are extended to include the middle school. There are now 560 students of which 122 are girls. Many improvements are made necessary by the increase in the number of students. Every year sees new transformations,: the dormitories on the 2nd floor become class rooms. Modernisation of the old premises:construction end equipment of the language and science laboratories,, with the help of parents and teachers... Monsieur Jandot, Headmaster reitires after 50 years at Mongré.M Solly, old student and Professor succeeds him, he is seconded by M Perrut, under Headmaster since 1950.

• 1976 No of students 830 . The Assumptionist community decide to leave Mongré and move to Limas.

• 1977 Mongré celebrates 125 years with his Emminence the Cardinal Renard and Monseigneur Mondésert an old student. With new reforms for the 6 th year a new stage is reached. Mixed classes are introduced in the primary school..

• 1978 M Perrut leaves. A new structure is created with 2 directors, Father Bouverot and M Guyader

• 1984 The interior staircase is built and the priests rooms are transformed into administration offices. M Jandot dies in May.

• 1986 The covered courtyard in the north-west wing is closed and converted into a gymnasium.

• 1987 Computers make their first appearance in the administration services.

• 1989 The bedrooms are transformed into religious education classrooms.

• 1992 The theatre which has become a junk room is divided into two horizontally, with the lower room becoming the library and the upper a conference room.

• 1993 No of students:1376

• 1994 M Solly leaves, replaced by Mrs Aubourg. There are now more than 140 students. Important security transformations take place.

•1995 The last Assumptionist father , Father Neusch retires, after 46 years at Mongré the Assumptionist congregation decides to retire.

• 1996 The nuns of the Assumption of France take over the supervision of Mongré. There are now 1517 students, from pre school, kindergarten to year 12. Madame Aubourg is over all Director, seconded by M Pommier who is headmaster of the junior school and M Gyurkovics who is headmaster of the Primary school

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